Nail Polish Color Therapy

I love nail polish and all the unique colors and brands that come with it. I’m one of those girls that needs to paint their nails every week with a different color. I also like to experiment with brands, to see which one is the best. You’re probably thinking, “yea ok, but what’s your point?”

Have you ever thought why you choose the nail polish colors you choose? You probably pick a color because you like it, it suits you, or it’s currently in trend. We all know the basic colors and their importance. For example, the color red speaks, loud, and is eye-catching, and so on. Well check this color therapy chart I found via pinterest. You will be surprise what each color does to your mood. Next time, pick a color from the chart and see if the description is true! It may also help you in picking nail polish colors!

P.S – I will be doing a post on my favorite nail polish brands and colors soon!



6 thoughts on “Nail Polish Color Therapy

  1. Thank you for sharing! It kind of explains a lot about the colors I wear and when I choose to wear them! 🙂 I just did a post on my latest nail polish haul @ stop by sometime! ~Jen

  2. Reblogged this on Vickeisy and commented:
    So Interesting! I love this! Will be coming here to check this out to the color I choose to wear tomorrow and see if it’s at least a little accurate!

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